Altered Garage - Lincoln, NE

  • 2040 SW 5th St #6 Lincoln, NE 68522

Services Offered

Altered Garage’s Lincoln, NE location offers a full range of services and products to make your Car, Truck, or Jeep dreams become a reality. Whether you want to build a champion, or simply upgrade your rig with a custom set of rims and tires, or simple light bar–we’ve got you covered. We value quality craftsmanship, high performance components and top-notch service. Experience what Altered Garage in Lincoln, NE can do for you.

Altered Garage services include: lift kits, leveling kits, tires and wheels, paintless dent repair and custom builds.

Lift Kits – Lincoln, NE

Leveling Kits – Lincoln, NE

Tires and Wheels – Lincoln, NE

Paintless Dent Repair – Lincoln, NE

Custom Builds – Lincoln, NE